Startup Investments

Startup Investments

MLS holds a portfolio of startup investments and has been engaged in this activity since 2010, as we believe a traditional industry like the one we operate in should always aspire to seek innovation and learn from atomization and digitation processes in other sectors.

A few of the investments  can be found below:


theDOCK Innovation Hub
MLS is the lead investor in theDOCK which is a pioneer vertical Venture Capital firm investing in and providing industry expertise to startups developing technologies for the Ports, Shipping, and Logistics sectors. The journey with theDOCK extends beyond the financial investment as both bodies share the vision which is ultimately connecting the Israeli reputed entrepreneurial spirit to the maritime sector in order to generate significant value for its stakeholders.


WSC (Sport Tech)

WSC Analyzes live sports broadcasts, identifies each and every event that occurs in the game, creates customized short-form video content, and publishes to any digital destination.




An application that captures the passenger economy. The app enables shopping from your favorite retailers on a variety of transportation apps and earns credits towards your next ride based on items purchased.



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